If you are thinking about changing jobs, it is important to pay attention to the companies specialised in searching for and selecting professionals, known as headhunters.

Below are five reasons why you should speak to headhunters as part of your search for new opportunities:

1. Specialised in executives and managers

In addition to being professionals with vast experience in business and management positions, headhunters often have knowledge of psychology, finance and administration, giving them valuable tools to find excellent candidates.

2. Understanding of the sector and company needs.

Headhunters analyse the needs of the company and combine them with their knowledge of the sector and useful skills in their area of business to find the best executive.

3. Extensive contact networks.

This is essential for reaching the ideal professionals to fill high-ranking positions. Headhunters’ contact networks often extend to various business sectors and numerous countries: it’s good to be included in them.

4.  Objective assessment.

Headhunting companies regularly use an objective assessment methodology in which candidates can demonstrate their skills and competencies, ensuring the ultimate selection the most qualified executives.

5. Career support

Headhunters usually follow the professional development of the executives they select and may even keep them in mind for future opportunities.


Juan Antonio Fernández
Head of Talent – ACCIONA