An expert course, a Masters, an MBA…making the right choice when
it comes to picking a training program can boost
your career. If you’re looking around and you’re baffled by the
range of options, the following are some of the key
that you should take into account for choosing

1. The quality of the teaching staff
2. How interesting the program is
3. The reputation of the institution running the program
4. Job bank service and internships
5. Type of attendance (face-to-face/online)
6. Fees

The importance of each category will depends on what you expect
from this training. Regardless of your goals-build up your
knowledge in a certain specific field, change your career track,
enhance your skills or broaden your contact network- you can
arrange these different categories in order of importance. What do
you think of this list of aspects?  Which one do you consider
most important for choosing the right training program?