All companies have above-average employees who collaborate in carrying projects forward successfully and efficiently. These individuals often progress inside the structure of the organization more easily than their peers. Effort and remarkable performance usually pay off.

Although we may think that these workers possess a series of innate qualities that allow them to go where others can’t, the truth of the matter is that they share a set of behavioural patterns which, upon closer look, can help you accomplish your goals if put into practice. In other words, excellence is accessible to anyone who shows the necessary commitment and ambition to achieve it.

The current business model is headed towards rewarding those who take a bet on excellence. In a survey conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, one out of three leaders claimed that the most important challenge they’re facing is to find the most talented individuals for their organizations. The growing relevance of this matter has led to increasingly strict requisites and demanding employers. The expectation of talent continues to grow for 72% of HR managers according to Randstand, being nearly the same percentage those who claim that talent attraction strategies are based on creating overall value around the company rather than on reducing costs. Companies with the best employees know that these are an investment on profitability that can’t be measured through an income statement.

How to identify the most talented workers

Even if technical and professional expertise are some of the most relevant qualities in order to define a highly-skilled employee, workers with truly greater potential are those with a set of specific abilities that aren’t necessarily linked with their working knowledge. According to the aforementioned study by McKenzie, one of the four most valued features when companies try to find the best talent is having a distinctive quality, that is, being able to do something the others can’t. The quest for a value that sets you apart from the rest of professionals around you can be a complicated task, but it could become an important asset if your goal is to stand out from the crowd.

Again, it usually happens that those employees who get what they set their mind to have a tendency to socialize easily. A report conducted by the World Economic Forum called The future of jobs, stresses the fact that being able to manage teams and mix well with colleagues is one of the qualities most valued by companies when seeking to fill vacancies. Having the ability get along with the rest of the work team and being inclined to receive feedback from colleagues are some of the features that distinguish the most talented employees. After all, this is the best way to acquire greater prestige and widen the sphere of influence among colleagues, while enabling the chance to develop skills to persuade negotiators.

Another defining quality shared by the most remarkable workers is their ambition and motivation to carry their job forward. It’s essential to have a certain degree of non-conformism in order to cultivate the required will power to accomplish the objectives set by oneself. The recommended metric to assess this capability is the frame of mind with which every individual takes on assigned duties, coupled with an increasing desire to acquire greater responsibilities.

Employees who gather these abilities perform their duties better, but are also a role model for the rest of their colleagues in order to achieve their goals and carry projects forward more efficiently. Not in vain, the inclusion of a motivated worker in a department enhances the efficiency of his colleagues between 5 and 10%, according to a study by the American Psychological Association.

In addition, even though motivation is essential to an outstanding job performance, it must be coupled with a spirit of continuous improvement. People with greater potential in the company are also characterized by their enthusiasm regarding continuous training, so that they can develop constantly and give their best. This is one of the qualities organizations demand the most and one shared by the majority of employees, according to a study by the consultancy firm Capgemini.

In any case, delving into the features shared by extraordinary employees and striving to emulate them may help you to become an indispensable resource in any company.

Sources: Randstad, McKinsey, World Economic Forum, American Psychological Association, Capgemini

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