In a previous post we talked about graphology but according to Charlotte Dugheyt, “No handwriting study should be conducted if the text is not signed and, likewise, no handwriting study should be conducted if the signature is not accompanied by a hand-written text”. So, to come full circle and as we didn’t do it before, this post will deal with the signature.

Height of the signature

Large (over 18 mm): tendency towards extraversion
Medium (between 12 and 18 mm): a focused, cautious person
Small (less than 12 mm): tendency towards introversion

Slope of the signature

Slopes heavily upwards: self-demanding and a desire to excel
Slopes upward: ambition and a desire to excel
Horizontal: a balanced person who accepts their successes and mistakes
Slopes slightly downward: indicates apathy, resignation

Shape of the signature

Curved or rounded shapes: kindness and good manners
Straight, angular shapes: discipline, order

Pressure of the signature

Light: a subtle, adaptable temperament
Intermediate: a practical, active temperament
Heavy: a strong temperament

Signature speed

Over 5 seconds: a cautious person
Between 2 and 5 seconds: self-controlling
Less than 2 seconds: an agile, dynamic person


Legible: sincere, authentic
Some letters: moderately reserved
Illegible: very reserved, especially during first contact


Includes both (complete or initials): shows a balance between the family and social role
Just first name: indicates a very strong, self-accepting inner “me”
Just surname: pride in the family and the social-professional roleb

As Max Pulver (leading graphologist) would say, “the signature is an abbreviated biography”.

Ramón Rodríguez Lago
ACCIONA S.A. Human Resources Organisation Dept.