If we understand Corporate Social Responsibility to be a set of business practices based on ethical values and on respect towards employees, communities and the environment, then people management is a very relevant issue and, of course, so too is the whole question of recruitment.

In a way you could say that an organization that is responsible with its employees begins with its recruitment policies. Hiring should be based on competencies and should on no account exclude applicants on the basis of their sex, age, religion or any other kind of social prejudice that could be considered discriminatory. That’s why it is fundamental that businesses analyze thoroughly the post they wish to advertise and that, using this analysis, they are clear on the know-how, experience and competencies necessary for meeting the needs of the post, but without describing the “type” of person they are looking for, thus helping to apply the principle of equal opportunity to every applicant.

Looking for a candidate on the basis of competencies means focusing our attention on a person’s skill sets, attitudes and knowledge, in an effort to ensure an objective and transparent evaluation, and to make certain that the new hires bring together the best possible characteristics in terms not only of training and experience but also competency and efficacy: in a word, talent.

A transparent recruitment process, one based on a company’s real needs, ensures a good and proper selection and the richness that no doubt stems from a diverse workforce whose correct management is one of today’s major challenges for HR departments.

“Good employers, responsible companies”.


Maria Corces
Human Resources ACCIONA S.A.