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People: A space for reflection and dialogue. A chance to spark real change within organisational cultures. People means striving for a better planet.

When ACCIONA first started talking about sustainability more than 15 years ago, hardly anyone could imagine how important this concept would be to the future of the planet. We understood that it meant doing business differently, and that’s why we are taking our work in a new direction, in order to meet the challenges we face as a result of climate change.

Now is time to go a step further, to promote a fairer economic and social paradigm that not only nurtures the planet, but also the well-being of our society within it. A people-centric model. Because it’s not just about environmental factors.

Rather, in order to promote and sustain this business alternative, companies must rethink how we relate to our own corporate society. There are still many incentives within the system that leave the human side of organisations vulnerable.

This is something we need to change. We must understand that people are a company’s best investment and asset: shake up companies’ internal dynamics so that they reflect the reality of the people who make them what they are, while also seeking the cultural transformation that today’s society needs.

What if, to be truly sustainable, it is now up to companies to set an example?

And so PEOPLE is born, a space for reflection and dialogue with the ambitious goal of sparking real change within organisational cultures. A project that seeks to delve into all these crucial questions so that we can create inclusive organisations that cater to the diversity and uniqueness of every person within them.

People means making a difference. People means striving for a better planet.