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“Find some of the issues that we all need to reflect on to drive the transformation that today’s society needs. People is a proposal to change things. People are people for a better planet.”

  • Professional skills for work-life balance
    Which professional skills can help you find work-life balance? In this article, we explore the notion of excellence and how we can achieve it without foregoing said balance....
  • III edition of the ACCIONA Academy Program in Spain
    If you are studying your previous-to-last year of a Bachelor or Master degree, willing to learn about sustainable solutions and have a good time together with other peers, this program...
  • Personal brand strategies: beyond LinkedIn
    The way we interact with our social circle has changed since the arrival of social media. Chatting, following websites of interest, sharing memories… there’s not a single functionality more prominent...
  • Choosing the perfect company to work for
     If you had to describe your ideal company, what features would stand out for you? We all aim to develop our career within competitive, cheerful environments. We spend so many...
  • How to be a good leader: motivate, adapt, make progress
    It’s been a while since we stopped talking about bosses and started talking about leaders within work environments. The former is considered an authority or power figure that has gained...
  • The path to professional success
    Life is full of questions, and the labour world is no exception. Once you take your first steps into it, it’s usual that professional success becomes one of your priorities. But...
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