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“Find some of the issues that we all need to reflect on to drive the transformation that today’s society needs. People is a proposal to change things. People are people for a better planet.”

  • Big Data: the new revolution in HR
    Big Data and HR: an increasingly consolidated relationship During the last few years, digital technology has brought along systematic management of huge quantities of data for their analysis and subsequent...
  • Employment and new technologies: how to adapt to change
    Employment in the time of technology: how to adapt yourself to this changing environment Every industrial revolution has brought along three scenarios that affected workers in different ways: the extinction...
  • Digital transformation in the labour market
    A lot has been said about digital transformation lately. And deservedly so. The so-called “4th industrial revolution” has become an unstoppable force in the last few years, developing quickly and...
  • What are People Analytics systems?
    For the most demanding professionals, average jobs won’t suffice. And rightly so. After twenty years of study on their shoulders, they want to enter the labour market holding the best...
  • A Fresh Selection of Productivity-Boosting Apps
    Our smartphone frequently becomes a black hole that sucks up all our time during the day. Facebook updates, Instagram favorites, that feared WhatsApp group of high school friends feeding us...
  • Do you know what blended learning is?
    New technologies have impacted directly on learning methods, it is something that is beyond doubt. The way we study, we learn or make use of teaching resources available to us has...
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