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“Find some of the issues that we all need to reflect on to drive the transformation that today’s society needs. People is a proposal to change things. People are people for a better planet.”

  • SCRUM or how to bet on innovation within companies
    In 1986, Japanese professors Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka published an article about innovation called The New New Product Development Game. In that article, they focused on development and release...
  • All Sustainable Talent 2018 as seen on Twitter
    The final stretch of 2018 is here. From this year full of news, we bring you Sustainable Talent’s Top 10, so that you don’t miss any of them. We discussed...
  • The way to boost innovation through design thinking
    One of the business trends gaining momentum during recent years is the incorporation of leading managers into innovation or technology innovation departments. This way, companies can adapt to market changes...
  • Big Data: the new revolution in HR
    Big Data and HR: an increasingly consolidated relationship During the last few years, digital technology has brought along systematic management of huge quantities of data for their analysis and subsequent...
  • Employment and new technologies: how to adapt to change
    Employment in the time of technology: how to adapt yourself to this changing environment Every industrial revolution has brought along three scenarios that affected workers in different ways: the extinction...
  • Digital transformation in the labour market
    A lot has been said about digital transformation lately. And deservedly so. The so-called “4th industrial revolution” has become an unstoppable force in the last few years, developing quickly and...
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