In an increasingly competitive labour market, where people looking for job opportunities have never been better prepared, investing in training is crucial in our quest for a new position.

Training to achieve success

A well-trained individual will have plenty more opportunities regarding career growth than others that have dedicated less effort to their tuition. Training, however, is not only about technical knowledge or the kind of content your company might have at your disposal; it’s essential to portray a fast and steady learning attitude, learnability.

The ability to acquire new knowledge is increasingly important in working environments, which is why companies must be able to anticipate new needs. People don’t expect that those resources are provided by their company, so they will, as with every other thing, search the internet.

  1. Digital skills

New technologies have taken everything by storm. It’s pivotal to be up to date with every breakthrough in social media, new app developments, etc. and pursue these capabilities. Regardless our professional field, it’s important to be aware of the digital tools in demand and the new trends happening in our sector.

  1. Social relationships

On many occasions, we overlook the importance of social relationships based on human contact. In this world, where everything changes at a frenzied pace, it’s essential to master interpersonal interaction. There is little point in reciting all the articles comprised in the Criminal Code from memory if you´re unable to practise your profession.

Manners, empathy, kindness, respect for others’ work, collaborative effort… are some aspects that need to be addressed in order to properly adequate to the philosophy of companies.

  1. The value of expertise

Not every piece of knowledge is available in books. More often than not, it is much more valuable to learn from your own and others’ experiences, even learn from someone else’s mistakes, as they say, in order to pursue our personal and professional growth, especially in regards to errors.

ACCIONA University, avant-garde training

But companies play a key role in updating the knowledge of their employees and helping them find the necessary motivation to keep going. Training provided by companies becomes a shared growth opportunity. ACCIONA features a Corporate University which works on a daily basis to improve the qualification of its employees: ACCIONA University, strategically aligned with the culture of sustainability, innovation and excellence.

Visit here ACCIONA University.

At ACCIONA our aim is for our workforce to be made up of the best professionals around. We want people who wish to contribute in designing a better planet. Discover our job-offers available worldwide.