Technology has changed relationship patterns, both in personal relationships and in working relationships. This has led to profound transformation in the way organisations work, leveraging technology as a driver of change.
One of these changes is the event of teleworking as a way adapting to today’s flexible market requirements.
We detail some of the advantages of teleworking below, categorised in three major groups:

Benefits for employees -> Boosting motivation: saving time and money on transport, improved work/life balance and greater flexibility.

Benefits for companies -> Increased productivity thanks to more motivated employees
Teleworking has fostered a change in company values, going from a more onsite company culture to one focused on work efficiency. It improves a company’s external image and internal perceptions (increases sense of belonging and pride in the company and is a factor in retaining talent.)

Environmental benefits -> reduced energy consumption and polluting emissions caused by transport to work.

Everything points to teleworking becoming more common place in companies, with the physical location becoming less important in favour of collaborative working and networking from different geographical locations.


Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
ACCIONA Corporate Training Department