The traditional office concept is changing. The image of a place full of tables, cupboards, telephones, printers, etc. is becoming obsolete.

The technological advances of recent years mean that the way we work has changed significantly, as new technologies allow us to carry out our employment duties from anywhere at any time.

The direct impact of this flexible way of working – achieved through ICT – is not only a considerable increase in teleworking, with the corresponding increase in quality of life and work-life balance for employees, it also affects the management of space. In fact, more and more companies are opting for a different model, eliminating the traditional workstations assigned to a single employee to replace them with a higher number of shared spaces used for meetings and as meeting points.

In the very near future, we expect that each worker will no longer have a physical workstation assigned to them but instead will occupy any available workstation on the day they need to go into work. A gradual disappearance of conventional offices is therefore already upon us.


María Corces

Human Resources