We are social animals. We need acceptance and help from people close to us, both in our family and workplace. In fact, numerous studies regarding professional environment prove that teamwork provides better results than individual employees performing their duties by themselves.

The most prominent companies are aware of this and are increasingly supportive of dynamics fostering good interdepartmental understanding and collaborative work. Here are some of the essential guidelines to achieve it.

Create a harmonious working environment

Collaborative efforts can be hardly achieved if the people involved do not get along with each other. It is not necessary to become close friends, but it’s crucial to create a good working environment. In order to achieve that, it’s essential to encourage sense of humour and to celebrate individual achievements by members of the team. The manager must be attentive and always try to recognise feuds or upsetting situations in order to solve them before they spread.

Two-way communication

One of the ways to commit professionals in a department to a company’s group objectives is precisely to get them involved in those objectives. In order to achieve that, meetings should be a space where all of them are allowed to express their ideas and concerns without being judged by others. If during office work only orders are given, without any chance to voice an opinion on their part, it will be difficult for them to feel involved with what they’re doing.

Despite the fact that many of the ideas coming from those meetings are usually not viable eventually, praising the fact that people show initiative leads to greater engagement with their duties, something extremely valuable in order to provide richness and creativity to projects.

Facilitate working relationships

If we take a closer look, the pursuit of teamwork dynamics has even altered the aesthetics of the workplaces in companies. The days of engagement-deterring cubicles are gone. Spaces are increasingly open, with shared desks and spots where employees can share what they’re up to comfortably. It’s just when people interact with each other that they’re capable of working side by side, therefore creating a good atmosphere.

The leader, just one more piece of the puzzle

In order to manage a productive team, its leader must be approachable and set an example. Task teams work when each member feels as an important part of the ensemble; nobody can feel valuable in a group comprised of a person in charge and several others obeying orders: this creates detachment and discomfort. However, if the leader is a trustworthy individual, capable of acknowledging others’ ideas and merits, the overall atmosphere will be much friendlier and higher-quality work will be accomplished.

Teamwork is the most effective way to perform professional duties. Our society is sometimes guilty of being individualistic, but the truth is that we need others in order to grow both personally and professionally. Accordingly, companies need to foster a good working environment in which employees feel as a part of a common goal. Only thus greater commitment and accountability while performing duty will be achieved.

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