One of the moments which could cause nervousness is the first day at work. To feel part of a company, as elsewhere, takes time, so a good starting is a point in favour.

In the event that you have doubts about what to do, we provide you some advices that will help you to face this day in the most competent way.

1. Be informed about the company: knowing about their business is always valuable, because is a sign that you are attentive and an interested person. This point will help you to understand some conversations where you will participate in that day.

2. Rest: Even if you’re nervous the day before, try to go to sleep as soon as you can, because lack of sleep is a negative factor for attention and mood.

3. Do not delay: For a good starting, study the route in detail and leave home with plenty of time in advance. To arrive before is better than making the person who will receive you wait.

4. Bring a notepad: being prepared to take notes is advisable during this day. Surely, you will feel that you are receiving a lot of information, so you will appreciate to have notes which help you to remember things later. Anyway, do not worry if you need to ask, your workmates also lived this experience and do not have problems to help you.

5. Ask for schedules: knowing what time your workmates eat is a way to engage with them and immerse yourself in the culture of the company. It is also important to know if the company keeps the same schedule during holiday periods.

6. Read company policy: Surely, the first day do not start with the tasks entrusted to your work position, so taking some time to read the company’s corporate documents will help to future possible queries.

7. Be grateful: Education is always an important value in human relationships, so please thank people when they help you or report on a topic. The fact that people see you as an educated person will improve their relationships with you.


Ana Gómez Regidor
Development Departament, Acciona S.A.