Over 25% of world’s population is comprised of you, centennials: students and recent graduates that will become the social, political and cultural voice of tomorrow; a generation willing to be listened to, waiting an opportunity to prove that you´re, indeed, young, but more than prepared to face the challenges brought along by progress and technology. And ACCIONA wants to help you boost your talent through our new internship program.

College internships and first job in ACCIONA

ACCIONA has bet on innovation since the beginning, without compromising our planet’s sustainability. Efficient technological development has helped us become leaders in promotion and management of infrastructures and renewable energies. But our business model goes beyond that: housing development, fund management financial services, wine production, motosharing… everything without losing the main focus: to leave a better future for those who will come after us.

And we want to build that future together with you. We already know what you’re capable of (our two editions of ACCIONA Academy are an example of that) and we want to count on your talent again. We’re aware that this is a challenge for both parties, but we’re also aware of the potential for success that challenge entails.

What do we offer?

Working for ACCIONA means that you will develop your international career along with over 30 000 people from 110 countries. You’ll also grow as a professional, thanks to our permanent investment on talent. We seek you to contribute with your way of thinking and your best ideas to sustainable future projects.

Also, we want to adapt to your professional stage. That’s why, if you’re in your final academic year and wish to start off your professional career with us, we can offer you:

  1. Up to 6 internship months per academic year.
  2. Paid programs according to the agreements with universities and business schools
  3. A training itinerary.

And if you’ve just graduated, there’s also room for you in ACCIONA. With us you will be able to:

  1. Take part in global projects.
  2. Learn basic knowledge of a certain sector and specific training on digital competences.
  3. Engage in international mobility.

What do we look for in a candidate?

We want people capable of bringing all their potential in, giving their best in a team situation and staying motivated before the possibility of growing within a multinational company. Requirements to gain access to ACCIONA’s internship program are as follows:

  1. Engineering profiles (Industrial, Civil and Territorial, Mechanical, Electrical, Energy, Telecommunications, Computer, etc.) Business Administration and Management, Law, Economics, Finance and Accounting, International Relations. We constantly update our offers in search for new profiles, why don’t you take a look?
  2. Good academic record.
  3. Proficient English skills (C1 minimum). Other languages will be also appreciated.
  4. International vocation and open to geographical mobility.
  5. Proactivity and learning ability.

To access all offers, visit our employment channel. In addition, we have an article and news section that will help you take a professional turn. Do you want to be part of ACCIONA? Over 100 opportunities are waiting for you.

At ACCIONA our aim is for our workforce to be made up of the best professionals around. We want people who wish to contribute in designing a better planet. Discover our job-offers available worldwide.