You are at a time in your career in which you wouldn’t mind taking a leap towards an improvement in your labour situation, but… what are you doing in order to make that happen? You should be aware that some relevant notions regarding the quest for a new job position can also be acquired.

You’ve probably heard that job searching is almost a job in itself due to the time and effort it requires to do it properly. Even if we’re not unemployed at the moment, we might as well be waiting for that opportunity that allows us to improve our current situation in order to achieve a sense of fulfilment.

But that is very unlikely to happen if we just sit and wait. Nowadays, mostly due to the proliferation of digital tools capable of finding offers and providing an insight of what companies demand, we have more resources than ever before at hand to improve our employability. With that in mind, let us share with you some notions about how to be more proactive when searching for that chance you’re eagerly awaiting.

When the mountain is the one expected to come…

Active job searching requires, as you can imagine, activity. One of the most important premises to be found by a headhunter or a company in line with your philosophy is to have your CV and your professional networking profiles updated. Turn adding promptly to your profile every convention attendance, every achievement and every little improvement in your skills into a habit. There’s no use in taking a course if the one interested in your professional resume can’t find any reference in the section about your education. However, this practice is not enough by any means, since this habit is in fact part of passive searching.

If you want to find a new job you must roll your sleeves and begin by your direct connections. You must exploit your social network, and everybody around you must be aware that you are looking for a change. In addition, you should take part in online conversations happening in professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn in order to improve your profile’s positioning.

Meanwhile, look for vacancies yourself. Discipline is also a must in this case. Devote yourself to systematically spending a couple of hours every day to check available online offers. Register yourself in employment websites, in particular those platforms specific to your sector, and create alerts in your favourite online apps so that offers arrive to you daily. It is crucial that you check them every single day.

Don’t forget to surf the sites of the companies that are of most interest to you. Many of them advertise job offers in their websites or have specific platforms so that you can send your resume in case they require candidates with a profile similar to yours.

Arrangement, discipline and a logbook to record your activity

It’s easy at first to remember everything you do, but when you have been sending CVs or looking for new opportunities for some time, you could end up really confused in your head. That’s the reason why arrangement, discipline and some way of recording your activity will be of great value.

A text document, an Excel sheet, a traditional notebook…whatever you feel the most convenient, but save the passwords to those apps you have registered yourself and keep track of those companies you contact with, those you send resumes to, and every interaction you have with them.

This will help you discern what suits you best and define your own job search strategies.

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