If you managed to switch off and recharge your batteries during July and August, now’s the moment to think about your future. To take a work placement into consideration can be a good starting point.

First step: combine your studies with an internship

Before plunging into a job search, it’s important to plan beforehand and take into account several particularities: the type of studies you’re attending, the shift you’ve been assigned to, the time devoted to studying, your extracurricular activities… everything must be reflected. This way you’ll be able to choose your working hours and total duration of your professional internship.

Second step: use appropriate tools

Once you’ve planned your strategy and have your preferences clear, it’s time to begin your professional internship search. There are several ways to find apprenticeship programmes, but the following are the most usual:

  1. Your college’s job portal. Companies advertising job offers there are monitored by the institution, thus making them fit into particular academic profiles.
  2. Job apps and sites. There are numerous apps for first jobs or internships in the market. Many of them even allow to customize profiles and turn them into something unique.
  3. LinkedIn. It’s the most functional tool offered by social media when it comes to job searching. It will not only show you job offers, but also recommendations based on your profile and interests. We advise you to read how to create a good LinkedIn without having prior experience.
  4. Company’s own website. Companies often have their own job portal. You can benefit from finding your work placement in an organization that meets your interests and expectations.

Third step: learn, implement; implement, learn

Already found your internship? September is an ideal month to start off your professional journey, since it’s coincidental with the beginning of the academic year. Incorporating the knowledge acquired in the classroom to our work methodology is a really usual synergistic technique. You will boost your results with less effort, proving that what we learn in theory has a practical application.

Likewise, it also works the other way around. You’re going to acquire plenty of practical and technical knowledge to complement your books and notes. They say we all born ignorant, but we become wiser the more we get involved in putting something into practice

Last step: make decisions with your future in mind

The good thing about putting yourself into the professional market is getting to know every possibility and duty of your future job. To specialise in something is increasingly common nowadays, and many companies seek certain specific fields of knowledge which, if we’re not in the system, we wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. So what is your role in this anticipation stage? to think about what you like the most about your work or sector and pursue it.

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