1. Arrive fresh and relaxed at the test. Get a good night’s sleep: it’s indispensable to keeping a clear head
  2. Dress smart. Although it is not a personal interview, your appearance also counts at this stage
  3. Arrive at the test several minutes before it starts. This will help you keep calm
  4. Take care with your demeanour and adopt a posture which demonstrates your interest
  5. Listen carefully to instructions. If you have a doubt, clarify it before the test begins
  6. Start to work upon the exercises immediately after the signal to start. Don’t waste precious time which you will not be able to recover later
  7. If one section is particularly difficult for you, move on to the next. Don’t spend too much time on the same problem. If, after finishing the test, you have a few minutes left over, don’t go over it all again, since nerves may make you doubt your answers; have another go at the questions you left blank
  8. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to finish the test: the time allotted is very tight
  9. In the personality tests, get the “real you” across. Don’t try to project a false image that could spoil your chances.