Starting out in a new job position is not an easy task. The first few days are full of jitters, excitement and a desire to learn, but it can also be an intimidating, stressing and somewhat difficult process to go through. Adjusting to your daily routine and assimilating the work dynamics in your new company will take some time.

Certainly, there is no magic recipe on how to make a good first impression on your new team, but a basic rule in order to start things off on the right foot is to behave naturally and come across as a confident individual to others. Try to feel comfortable and enjoy your work while being yourself.

Giving a friendly image, and portraying yourself as a discreet, humble and proactive person, always willing to improve and help, should be the premises you follow during the first days, since you will be valued mainly for your attitude and not so much for your skills. Hence, it´s extremely important that you are able to positively reinforce your image. Don’t forget to smile, be approachable and make people around you feel comfortable. And remember that respect and trust are earned with time.

Arrive 15 minutes early

Although you have a scheduled timetable, it would be advisable to show up 15 minutes early the first day, thus showing interest and a desire to start out. Never arrive late and rehearse the route to your new office in advance during a labour day in order to have times under control.

The moment your manager introduces and welcomes you to the team, make an effort to remember all the people in it and try to address them by their name. If necessary, draw a map of the office and locate every individual, pinpointing their name and position in order to memorize it.

In addition, it may be useful that you prepare some kind of elevator speech so that you can, in 30 seconds, tell anybody about yourself, your previous responsibilities and the duties you’re going to perform in your new job.

Listen, look and learn

During your first few days at the office you will receive a lot of new information that you’ll have to absorb in as little time as possible. Having a “listen, look and learn” approach may help you to fit in more easily. Devote your learning period, during which everybody will be more receptive towards you, to solve any doubt you may have. In fact, taking good notice of everything will show your interest and your desire to learn.

Seize also the opportunity to analyze what is the main strategy of your team, the goals to be achieved and the hindrances to overcome. It would be advisable to start thinking of implementing all the skills you’ll be developing and even the way you and your team will be organized. Thus, you will show commitment with both the project and the business objectives.

Socialize with your colleagues

Socializing and taking part in conversations along with the rest of your colleagues is something essential during your first week in the job. Usually, it will be them who will take the initiative to invite you to have a coffee mid-morning or to have lunch with them, in or outside the office, so that you can fit in as soon as possible. Take advantage of these moments to interact and show interest for their work and experiences.

Generally speaking, you will be adapting yourself to your new environment as time goes by and, despite changes being usually inconvenient, during these early stage you should give your best and keep a positive and diligent attitude.


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