Job search is a process that is a profession itself: it requires discipline, commitment and establishing professional contacts. This is because the most required skills by companies when selecting their candidates are precisely the same skills needed to organize a succesful job search.

Skills such as communication, organization, digital environment knowledge, creativity and analytical skills are the most demanded skills by companies and also the ones that we must implement during the job search.

Steps to be taken

The best way to achieve a succesful job search is to establish a roadmap to stick to.

First off, it is essential to define our goals, both personal and professional: What do I know to do?, What do I like to do?, What do I want to work in?, What should I learn or improve? Give a thoughtful answer to these questions will allow us to focus the search.

Once the goals are defined, we must establish action plans to strengthen those in which we need to move forward.

Then, it is recommended to create a work agenda, establishing a routine to help us achieve the goal and organize our time in the same way as when we have a remunration: an adequate workspace, a work schedule with suitable breaks … A commitment to ourselves, ultimately.

In the next post we’ll keep analyzing how you can organize the job search, ie, issues such as direct contact with the companies or the proper use of social networks, our personal brand.