At one point or another in our lives, the vast majority of us have been unemployed and therefore actively seeking work.
It is important to view this situation not as a period of inactivity in our professional career but rather quite the opposite: we should realise that our “profession” in such a situation is one of “jobseeker”.

In this “job”, as in any other job, we need to establish an action strategy, set short-, medium- and long-term goals, train ourselves and develop our areas for improvement, make plans, assess progress and take decisions upon reaching certain milestones.

This profession also involves a significant amount of marketing activity, where the product being sold is yourself. Hence, a marketing approach needs to be adopted – identify the outstanding characteristics we can offer as we would when trying to sell a product, who the potential “buyers” are, which distribution channels should be used, etc.
In this regard, special attention should be given to our personal brand on the social networks by building a digital identity that raises our profile among those whose attention we are most interested in attracting.

It is also highly important to pay attention on a daily basis to job search and time management efforts. As jobseekers, we should set ourselves a timetable for work and specify the various activities to be carried out during the day: building professional networks, identifying opportunities, monitoring job offers, interviews, training, etc. However, all this should be done without losing sight of the necessary balance between these activities and our personal life: sport, family, friends.

In a climate such as this, with high rates of unemployment, being the best “professional jobseeker” will give us more chances to achieve that sought-after goal of finding a job. Don’t forget to apply as much, or more, enthusiasm to this task every day as you would any other job. Good luck, all the best and let’s hope you find an opportunity that enables you to become part of the ACCIONA team.
Head of Talent- ACCIONA