For the time being, the Spanish job market shows few signs of a
significant recovery in the short-term. Negative figures are
expected to continue, though the number of unemployed is levelling
out. According to Spain’s Employment Services, monthly unemployment
levels continue to reach record highs, and according to the EPA
(Active Population Poll) the unemployment rate now stands at more
than 18%.

2010 is expected to continue to be a difficult year in the job
market, though improvements and growth are expected for 2011.

ACCIONA is navigating the current international crisis
successfully, thanks to the Company’s solid financial position, our
diversified activity (in terms of sectors and geographical
location) and our excellent positioning as a sustainable company.
Even so, where jobs are concerned, some of our businesses have had
to make adjustments. Also, job creation and hiring have slowed
significantly compared to two years ago.

However, it should be noted that, thanks to our international
growth, we have opened a range of selection processes in several
countries where we operate, opening up excellent opportunities for
professionals who are looking to get on the first step of the
international career ladder or to move up further.