Speaking of corporate philosophy is speaking of change, inclusiveness and work-life balance. What will these ingredients bring to the companies of the future?

Companies acting as living organisms are the ones that thrive the most. Their capacity for innovation, for making the world a better place and taking care of their staffers are some of the key factors regarding their corporate philosophy. Furthermore, they have talent retention and work-life policies at the heart of their HR initiatives.

These are just some features of the new corporate trends implemented by the most innovative organizations. In this article, we’ll tell you about what kind of corporate philosophies are shaping the companies of the future.

The corporate philosophy that knows about internal reputation

According to the psychological principles of the “Theory of Mind”, humans are the only living beings capable of taking into account the ideas or thoughts of other individuals without assuming that they have to be imperatively similar. If that’s the case, companies admittedly must humanize their vision, mission and values. Thus, they’ll be able to get to know their professionals better, while making them feel that they’re an essential part of the organization.

For a company with this people-centric vocation to work successfully, all its constituents should have a common goal. And that includes not only the business model, organization’s values or the way its processes are implemented, but also the personal needs of its employees. Is this achievable? Do professionals feel it that way?

“Buycot”, the people’s answer to humanization

Let’s see a case that took place in 2016. A clothing company by the name of Patagonia announced that it will donate all the profits obtained during Black Friday sales to diverse environmental endeavours. There was no price reduction. Customers responded to this initiative by almost using stocks up. In addition to the positive reviews, the so-called “buycot” or “buycott” happened, in contrast to the classic boycott.

The “buycot” consists of purchasing products or services that comply with certain ethics. With this attitude, consumers attempt to favour companies which implement fairer production procedures from an environmental and humane standpoint.

The above instance alludes to earning external “buycot”. But the real challenge lies in working on the internal and implementing initiatives promoting loyalty among professionals, so that they identify with a goal beyond the financial sphere. On a daily basis, we see a flow of professionals quitting their jobs for better ones, unsatisfied with working conditions in their current positions or corporate philosophy. A silent boycott, reflecting a “you don’t deliver anymore” or “you don’t value my work” attitude.

Learning how to negotiate is something within corporate philosophy

According to a survey by the newspaper The Guardian, a third of young population don’t want to stay at the same job position for more than two years. Those youngsters claim to identify with CEOs at companies willing to make organizations, and the world, a better place.

If we compare it with numbers in the United States, results are quite similar. Only those between 54 and 64 stay for more than ten years in a certain position. New generations ask for a structure which ensures a response to their motivations and needs; if not, they prefer to find another place to develop their career.

Coincidentally, some of the leading companies in the world according to their brand value  are also among the best organizations to work for, thus proving that having consciousness is relevant to consumers, stakeholders and staffers.

Workers give increasing importance to both these spheres: their life in the world and their life within a company. Hence the relevance of being aware of both aspects on the part of corporations. They should know how to communicate with the person, not just with an employee.

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