Sometimes we spend more time speaking than listening. This also
tends to occur in companies: more often than not, companies do
not listen to employees, who really are the most
helpful because they know both the benefits and areas for
improvement. Addressing external communication only,
neglecting the internal, means missing out on a great
opportunity: a satisfied and committed employee will achieve better
results and will become a company’s best ambassador.

In ACCIONA we conducted a Satisfaction
and Engagement survey to analyze the degree of satisfaction of
our employees and the results have been positive: 88% of
employees are committed to the results of the company and 85%
are proud to work at ACCIONA.

Participation is essential – it helps to change things that do
not work. When you are invited to take part in a survey,
do you take time to fill it in?  Are you aware that the
views of many employees can transform your company?
Deputy Director General, Corporate Resources