What questions should be asked during a job interview?

The Socratic method was basically teaching by making questions. In fact, a good question will always be more compelling than a bland and predictable answer. Attending a job interview successfully is not an easy task. Therefore, when attending a job interview, it is advisable to take the initiative and, after answering the interviewer’s questions, show your own insights through a few carefully chosen questions. The interviewer will probably be grateful for engaging in a meaningful discussion with you instead of bearing all the weight of the conversation.

You’ve already got a well thought-out range of answers, so now it may be time to think about the questions you can make to show a genuine interest in your job offer. Here you have a few suggestions.

1. What is the most enjoyable part of the job and what part is the most challenging?

This is a way of showing a practical interest in the position and an eagerness to weigh up the pros and cons. This question also shows that you want to know if you fit in the role and it proves that you’re not bluffing.

2. How does the job relate to the rest of the organization?

When you ask something like that you are showing your concern about teamwork and your willingness to build bridges with other sections of the company.

3. Could you tell me something about my work team?

Along the lines of the previous question, you are interested in knowing the specifics of your work team and their professional background.

4. Could I meet any of my future work colleagues?

This question allows you to be very forthright, as getting along with the other members of a team is key for a successful career within a corporate structure.

5. Do you have any doubts regarding my training?

Another straightforward question. Maybe your interviewer has their reservations and this is a way of protecting any potential weaknesses in your curriculum. Perhaps you didn’t explain your academic credentials well enough or there are some blind spots that need addressing.

6. Are there any training schemes available in your company?

You are concerned about your personal and professional growth. You are an ambitious worker thinking about your long-term prospects. Basically, that’s what you’re conveying with that kind of question.  On top of that, the will to learn is a valuable asset in corporate environments. And those training courses or workshops can be an interesting perk besides other considerations.

7. What kind of opportunities for growth and promotion would I have?

It’s a basic and classic question, but equally important nonetheless, as it shows a long-term outlook and the will to become an important part of the organization.

8. How would you describe the work culture in your company?

This is a way of showing your interest in the corporate philosophy of the company and how it works. Above all, it proves that you want to work making the most of your skills and capacities within a favorable environment.

9. Can you tell me something about your plans for the future and where the company’s heading? 

You are interested in the future of the company. After all, you may spend a few years of your life there. This is also your chance to show that you’ve made your research about the business and any recent announcements.

10. What happens now?

Asking about the next stage in the selection process is more than understandable and shows that you are a down to earth candidate interested in moving forward.

Knowing how to be prepared for a job interview is crucial before getting busy. After dealing with all those questions, would you have any other of your own? What kind of things would you like to know about your future employer?


Source: The Guardian, Forbes, Fast Company

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