How to grow professionally in a company?

In order to be well grounded, professional and personal growth go hand in hand. Our mentality towards reality is also a key factor when showcasing our best qualities in a working environment. Let’s take a closer look into some aspects that can be of great help when pursuing professional development:

If you are seeking to grow both personally and professionally, you must believe in yourself first.  That’s easily said, but sometimes insecurity makes us hesitate. The idea is to stop picturing yourself as a piece in a puzzle looking for its place in the labour market, and to start viewing yourself as a transformative talent source for that market you have so much to offer. If you are capable of achieving such a shift in your mindset, your self-esteem will grow stronger regardless your goals.

Success in job searching must be nurtured

Another one of the most crucial tips both coaching professionals and headhunters emphasize is to stop believing in luck as a twist of fate or an element beyond your control because, in reality, it’s not its only defining element. If you’re consistent today, you will be closer to your professional goals in the future. Even when you are apparently unable to do anything at all, there’s always something you can achieve; influence your attitude in a positive way: let go of the burden of complain, negative thinking, fear of failure, constant comparison syndrome or chronic perfectionism.

Many psychologists advise, in this respect, some visualization techniques and exercises. Imagine, for instance, how you would like to see yourself professionally in a couple of years, and try to revel in the sensations you experience. This can be helpful when trying to give substance to that job goal you crave and to stay focused on how to achieve it.

How to open the gates of professional success

Your comfort zone, where everything is safe and predictable, can be something extremely appealing. However, when you remain there for a long time, you are unable to grow. In order to know how to develop professionally, either inside your company or by looking for new opportunities, you must step outside your comfort zone: make use of networking, submit personalized resumes, search for courses or seminars, suggest your manager to meet new responsibilities…

Set realistic goals for your action plan in order to move towards the right direction. And remember what Einstein said: “doing the same thing over and over again, you can’t expect different results”.

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