You have surely heard about the so-called transversal skills. These are skills that give you the edge in your job, beyond any academic training you might have. Besides the technical knowledge required for the position, there are a number of specific attributes that can enhance the achievement of results and that recruitment professionals are taking more and more into account.

Some of them evolve with professional experience but, generally-speaking, they can also be worked on and improved in our daily lives. This post highlights some of the most important ones so you can start to bear them in mind.


We should be aware that, for the majority of jobs, our results will depend on a set of actions carried out by various different employees or even departments. Having people management skills will help us achieve our objectives more effectively and efficiently.

Proactive attitude

Companies and team leaders highly value someone with an active mind and who think out-of-the-box to resolve day-to-day situations. Communicating our ideas in an educated fashion will tell people that you are a committed individual with a capacity for ongoing improvement.

Looking for feedback

It is always positive to ask for feedback and opinions about our work, both from our bosses and our colleagues, in order to identify ways to improve. Do not be scared of criticism; besides being constructive in many situations, it is a sign of maturity and intelligence.

Change management

Being adaptable to different situations is a highly valued character trait, above all in certain jobs that require contact with numerous people and that constantly demand solutions to various requirements.


The three key points of great importance when resolving the problems that may arise in our jobs are: criteria (knowing where to look and who to ask for the information we need to implement a solution); usefulness (that the solution is suitable and sustainable over time); and speed (that the proposed solution can be implemented without delay).
Ana Gómez Regidor
Development Department – ACCIONA