Despite what you might think, we are not going to talk about football but rather the perfect alignment between the values of an organisation and the values of each individual aspiring to form part of it. Values – both individual and corporate values – are the principles on which culture is based. Their importance lies in the fact that values underpin both individual and collective forms of conduct.

If these values – those of the employee and those of the organisation – are in line with one another, the result will be a healthy organisation where individuals find themselves in their natural habitat and therefore more motivated and committed to the company. By asking the right questions during the job interview, both the interviewer and the candidate should find ways to reveal the value map adopted by the other and thereby provide themselves with the ability to assess how well aligned they are.

Which would you identify as your values? How important do you think they are when looking for employment? If you identify with our values, we recommend you go to the job offers section where you will find vacancies and can directly upload your CV.
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