In such a complex, competitive and internationalised labour market as the one in which we live today, where companies receive CVs in quantities that can sometimes be 100 times greater than the number of vacancies they need to fill at any one time, it is particularly important to successfully stand out from the crowd in any process of actively seeking employment. Hence, presenting your CV in video format can be a sophisticated way of submitting your profile to the recruitment process.

A video CV is nothing more than a video presentation in which a candidate talks about themselves, their professional career, their skills and abilities, and their professional achievements and interests. In essence, it is a kind of “promotional video” about yourself.

While the United States pioneered this type of initiative, it is increasingly more common to see European jobseekers upload their video CVs to websites directly related to video broadcasting activity (Google Video, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) or the social networks (e.g. LinkedIn), giving themselves the option to send the corresponding link to those companies in which they are interested in working.
Numerous examples of this innovative way of getting ourselves known in the labour market can be found on YouTube.


María Corces
Human Resources – ACCIONA