Much is needed in a job search including patience, planning, networking, etc. But one extremely important thing to keep in mind is managing frustration.

Although hard work normally comes with its reward, sometimes it takes longer than we’d like. When that happens and we feel like throwing in the towel and saying “I can’t take it any more!” we are experiencing the feeling of desperation or frustration.

Frustration is a poor companion in a job search, so you should know how to get through these moments and overcome the anxiety and negative thoughts that flood your brain and hold you back. Yet the best solution to frustration is: Move forward! Keep it up! Put one foot in front of the other!

One of the keys is having a goal, be it a dream, an aspiration or a challenge you’ve set out to achieve. Your goal will set the path you need to follow and you just have to plan the various steps you need to take to get there. The results will not always meet your expectations in terms of when and how they arrive, and at those times you will feel frustrated. That is when you need to stop, think and look for new solutions and paths that will lead you to your goal.

The best cure for frustration is enthusiasm, effort and, above all, ACTION. Remember to get motivated for the process and every step in it, not just for the outcome.

Carol Dweck researches “growth mindset” in this TED video you may watch:


Juan Antonio Fernández
Head of Talent – ACCIONA