Thousands of years ago, humans transitioned from being nomads, perpetual travellers, to sedentarism, to settling down and creating a history, a culture in just one place. But the spirit of seeking new horizons is still alive within us, and it has also emerged in professional environments, in the so-called multicultural companies.

Economy is global, and so is the world. What was a multiple-day journey decades ago, has shortened to the point of being able to travel around the world in 67 hours (that’s less than Jules Verne’s celebrated 80 days, right?). Nowadays, what happens in NYSE has a direct impact on decisions made in Japan. Wing flapping in India may generate a tornado in France. Taking advantage of this moment where everything is interconnected is a must for companies, but also for you as a professional.

Multiculturalism and multicultural companies

Multiculturalism is the coexistence of several cultures in the same physical, geographical or social space. It can be of different nature —religious, linguistic, racial, genre…— everything that may be considered within a cultural spectrum. Transculturalism goes a step further. There are also some places where not only people from different cultures coexist, but they also nurture from every culture surrounding them.

A multicultural company is a work team comprised of people from different ethnic or religious background, with diverse beliefs, values, opinions… This generates synergies that may lead to great results, since the voice of similar upbringing colleagues may be one of expertise, but there’s nothing better than having a completely opposite approach and perspective around.

Also, large multinational companies are capable of building transcultural teams so that internal international promotion is encouraged. This enriches your own culture, providing that you’re ready to take the leap. In addition, employees who embark on internationalization inside their companies enjoy other series of benefits.

Languages and people

With regard to talent recruiters, working with international teams provides professionals with an essential added value, since  language skills have become indispensable within organizations, especially when talking about multinationals. You will be able to aim for positions of greater responsibility.

Another great incentive of a working experience abroad is the chance to expand your contact network, both at national and international levels.

Communicative and adaptive ability

What you do is as important as how you convey it both internally and outside your organization. Communicative skills get reinforced, according to experts, during periods abroad.

Adaptation is one of the most beneficial aspects for people in their future professional projection: travelling abroad always entails the development of individual search and survival skills. Also, learning how to adapt to a new environment is one of the soft skills most valued by recruiters.

More knowledge, better performance

Yaser Ahrazem Kadiri, technical adviser and manager of identifies, among others, two beneficial aspects for professionals to join one of their company’s international projects:

  • The huge legacy of knowledge and experiences acquired by professionals by learning from one another.
  • A notorious increase in performance, in parallel with equality and inclusive policies implemented by organizations, encouraging multicultural teams to “rely more on their capability and give their best”. In short, they enhance your self-esteem and productivity.

Personal, professional and creative development

It’s undeniable that performing your professional duties within a multicultural environment is extremely enriching personally, vitally and it also serves as a tool towards self-realization. Embracing transculturalism also helps us boost our creativity, think outside the box and look at problems from diverse perspectives.

Are you short of reasons to run for an international project in your company? Take your professional leap and stand out from the crowd. Transculturalism is the synergy of the future for large companies and great professionals. What are you waiting for?

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