The final stretch of 2018 is here. From this year full of news, we bring you Sustainable Talent’s Top 10, so that you don’t miss any of them. We discussed a wide variety of topics: how to deal with a job interview successfully, ways to find motivation at work, which could be your ideal company for professional fulfilment…Don’t miss these articles before giving way to 2019.

1. Do you know how to make an employee feel relevant and integrated since day one?

Planning a good onboarding process is not easy at all, we know that. That’s why Sustainable Talent wants to make it simpler for you with these 10 commandments to make a good impression on employees and make them feel at home from the get-go.

2. Active listening is like loyalty: either it is reciprocal or it simply does not exist

Lack of communication is an issue that can compromise team spirit within work environments. It’s the responsibility of the leader of a work team not only to listen to his colleagues, but also to show enough empathy to find out what they think, demand or worries them.

3. It’s essential that we absorb new things every day and take new challenges

Do you feel bored and apathetic with you working routine? Stepping out of your occupational comfort zone is easy if your goals and objectives are properly set. Mind you, don’t procrastinate the first step, since the path is downhill once you get started.

4. Professional burnout is detrimental not only for the employee but also for the rest of the organization

Motivating employees within your organization is not a one-way street. Make use of technology to manage work flows, provide further information and improve communication channels between employees and managers.

5. Mobility, flexibility and interdisciplinarity will be indispensable requirements for professional success

The labour market of the future conquered the present long time ago. The image of the jobs of the future is not a static one, it demands people with a high degree of adaptability when facing equally mutating situations.

6. In your first day on the job you must act naturally, be confident and come across as such to others

Starting out a new stage in your professional career is exciting, but it can be a little intimidating, too. Show a straight, approachable attitude and introduce yourself confidently and positively. Your colleagues will perceive that good vibe and socializing and learning from them will become much easier.

7. How to choose a professional environment close to your ideal?

Every person, regardless of rank or position, wants to work for a company that allows him or her to self-realize properly. We discuss which are the keys to bear in mind when choosing a company to develop your professional career.

8. 80% of what we convey is done non-verbally

An interviewer pays equal attention to both your expressions and movements and what you say. That’s why being aware of the way you convey your thoughts, intentions and emotions through non-verbal language is crucial to make a good impression.


9. A minute of advice to emerge victorious from your job interview

If haste is your routine companion, take 60 seconds to read our six recommendations to make your life easier when facing a job interview.

10. The maxim that summarizes Sustainable Talent in 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words. And what if the image comes along with a quote? Sustainable Talent has bet on sharing quotes with you to keep you motivated all year long. We hope to continue doing so during 2019!

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