If you had to describe your ideal company, what features would stand out for you? We all aim to develop our career within competitive, cheerful environments. We spend so many hours at work that we really long to feel as contented in the office as we do at home. But how do we choose a professional environment that meets those lofty expectations?

Ten features of an ideal company

The following list can provide a few clues to find out if your future company might be the right one. The points are a fair way of assessing the satisfaction levels of company employees. Here are ten key characteristics to look for:

  1. Active, high quality internal communication that is supported through resources such as work meetings, questionnaires to assess satisfaction regarding the work environment, or managers who are approachable and motivational in their leadership style.
  2. The individual as the key element in the company. A business is made up of people. This means that for a work environment to be truly satisfying, the employee must be taken into account and cared for. An ethical code, along with deep sensitivity, must be the bedrock on which the works council and the corporate culture are grounded.
  3. Social action. An organization that is making a contribution to the greater good of all, which is involved in socially-aware projects, organizing fundraising events and fostering cultural and educational projects, is a an attractive place to work in.
  4. Corporate philosophy. In a successful company, workers become brand ambassadors. They identify themselves with the corporate values and become the best spokespersons for the company, endorsing it as an ideal workplace with a great quality of life.
  5. An optimal working environment that promotes the emotional wellbeing of the employee. When workers feel valued by the organization, when they receive positive reinforcement messages and don’t have the sensation of being mere numbers, they find satisfaction in their job. A key factor here is to ensure that there is smooth communication where each member of the organization feels listened to.
  6. Training schemes for its workers. The ideal company invests resources in providing these, which will enable employees to achieve new skills that will in turn allow them to take on increased responsibility. Those in charge thus find themselves able to delegate more tasks to other members of the team.
  7. The opportunity to grow professionally within the organization. Workers feel motivated when they perceive that they can be promoted within the company, whether at a local or an international level, within their own department or in a different one.
  8. Team work. Employees feel happier when they work within an environment that fosters true collaboration than when they feel trapped in the individualism of a competitive environment. A company whose outlook is based on the sharing of success and on united regret over failure is also a perfect place to work.
  9. Occupational health. This is promoted through risk prevention and control programs that look after the well–being of employees, providing them with the resources needed to improve the office ergonomics.
  10. Increased digitalization. With environmental sustainability in mind, digitalization fosters en ecological culture in the workplace when the consumption of paper is reduced.

We could add an 11th point, by affirming that the best companies also provide constant employment opportunities. In other words, they attract talent and nurture this in the long term through coaching and mentoring services, in-house training schemes and the like.

So what’s your take on this? What’s your ideal company like?


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