Welcome 2024! A new year is beginning and with it comes unprecedented changes, challenges and opportunities. How can organisations prepare for a future that looks increasingly digital, but also increasingly human? What new expectations and desires will professionals have? What will be the keys to success in 2024? Join us on this journey to discover the trends that are redefining the organisational future.

What labour market trends should we expect in 2024?


1. Team and peer reconnection

In 2019, 60% of people whose jobs allowed them to work remotely worked full time in the office, Monday to Friday. In 2023, that figure dropped to 20%, according to Gallup data.

However, it seems that 2024 will be the year when we finally meet, share and build quality relationships with our colleagues again. The challenge for organisations will be to create a working environment that works for everyone. This could involve reconfiguring office spaces to encourage presence and collaboration, but also investing in technology that facilitates effective remote working and providing support for employees’ mental wellbeing in all work situations.


“2024 will be the year when we finally meet, share and build quality relationships with our colleagues again.


Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough in 2024

Forbes prediction for the new year is that the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect us all, not just those in tech industries or digital-centric roles. From agriculture to education, medicine and beyond, AI is changing the way we work and live.

These systems can analyse large amounts of data, identify patterns and provide solutions in real time, resulting in significant increases in productivity and efficiency in various sectors.

Far from common fears, AI is not here to replace human jobs, but to change the way we work. Those who can adapt and learn to use these new tools will be better positioned to succeed in the labour market of the future.

But it’s critical to understand the limitations of AI.

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Despite its ability to process information at high speed and perform repetitive tasks with precision, it still lacks the capacity to replicate human creativity, compassion and innovation. Areas where people still have a significant advantage and where our involvement remains crucial.


Sustainability, more of a necessity than a trend

Forbes also highlights that sustainability will continue to be a trend in the world of work in 2024 for several reasons. Firstly, growing awareness of environmental issues and climate change is driving companies to adopt more sustainable working practices. Organisations are recognising that they have a significant impact on the planet and are looking for ways to minimise it.

Secondly, sustainability is also increasingly seen as an opportunity to attract the best talent. Today’s professionals are looking not only for a competitive salary, but also for an employer that reflects their values and is committed to the well-being of the planet.

Finally, companies that adopt sustainable practices often find that these can result in long-term cost savings, as resources are used more efficiently.


The professional skills that will be trending in 2024

Bernard Marr, a business consultant on futuristic business and technology, points out that in the world of work in 2024, trending skills will be strongly influenced by digitalisation and globalisation. Data-driven decision-making or cybersecurity will become increasingly relevant. This will allow professionals to navigate the avalanche of information available and use it strategically while avoiding potential risks and threats in the digital space.

Emotional intelligence and empathy will remain key skills. In an increasingly interconnected labour market, the ability to understand and manage our own emotions, as well as those of others, will be invaluable. These skills will facilitate collaboration and teamwork, both in person and in virtual environments.

With teams dispersed around the world, the expert stresses that the ability to work or lead effectively in a globally distributed work environment will really help. This will require a change of mindset, including flexibility, adaptability and intercultural communication skills.

Finally, it also points out that the ability to understand and adapt to changes that are relevant to your role and responsibilities will become increasingly important. In an ever-changing labour market, those who can identify and respond to change will be the ones who thrive.


Employee experience in focus

Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority for any business. However, it’s expected that 2024 will reinforce the idea that employee satisfaction is just as important.

Organisations are becoming aware that employees are looking for more than just a competitive salary. Attention to the employee experience involves fostering a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that employees have the space and time they need to attend to personal and family commitments. This care also includes physical and emotional well-being, promoting healthy work environments and comprehensive wellness policies.

In addition, there’s growing recognition of the importance of providing intellectual challenges and opportunities for personal growth and development.

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Employees yearn to expand their skills, learn and grow professionally. They want to be challenged and stimulated in their work, and they also aspire to have a clear vision of avenues for career advancement and promotion.


Changes in leadership: generational change and new perspectives

Leadership roles, predominantly occupied by the Baby Boomer generation, are gradually passing into the hands of Generation X and Millennials. This shift represents not only an age transition, but also a significant change in work preferences and styles.

Younger generations bring with them new perspectives, driven by their unique experience and relationship with technology and society. Moreover, this shift is giving rise to a new vision of management, adopting a more human and empathetic approach to leadership (as discussed in this article).

In conclusion, 2024 looks set to be a year full of significant evolutions, including a balance between the digital and the human. Professionals will be looking for opportunities that will allow them to grow and contribute in a meaningful way in an increasingly interconnected environment. Success in this new year will depend on our ability to anticipate and respond to these emerging trends. Remember: the future is not something that happens to us, but something we create ourselves. Welcome 2024, we are ready for you!