Applying through our CV it´s not the only way to find a new job anymore. Thanks to the Internet and social media, sometimes there’s an offer looking for you. But for that to happen, to be online is not enough: you must be the early bird, and you must be well-positioned. We’re going to teach you how to do it.

The days of on-paper Curriculum Vitae are over. Nowadays, companies and headhunters have many ways to find the best professionals all over the net without looking through a sheet of paper. LinkedIn is one of the most relevant networks, but it is far from being the only one you should take into account if you want your social profiles to be ready to provide you with new job opportunities.

First challenge: keep an eye on your online reputation

Online reputation extends to all your activities on the net, be it your blog, your Instagram photographs, forum participation or retweeted comments, everything should speak about yourself coherently according to the information you provide through your CV.

You may find these tips helpful:

Go over old accounts or profiles and terminate them if you don’t use them anymore so that search engines are not confounded.

Set up privacy configuration on your social media profiles such as Instagram or Facebook.

– Do not overlook Twitter, follow relevant users and create lists so that you have a valuable community to interact and share opinions.

Second challenge: make yourself visible on LinkedIn

Google is on the verge of releasing Hire, its new job portal, but until then LinkedIn is the most popular professional network on the planet with more than 433 million users all over the world, and it has its own rules. How to stand out from the crowd? Let us help you out:

  1. You are what Google says about you: edit your LinkedIn address. How´s Google going to find you if your name is 64501654? Your name should appear in the url, without symbols or accents and, if it´s relatively common, both names or surnames in order to avoid confusion.
  2. Your job description is your cover letter in Google: think about how you want to be known in just 165 characters. If diverse features deserve to be mentioned, use keywords and separate them by these symbols that you can copy here.
  3. Keywords at will: splatter your profile with them and make sense of them when composing. Include them in the title, in the excerpt, in your previous and current job descriptions…
  4. Take advantage of resources and set yourself apart: did you know that you can add images, videos or presentations to your excerpt? If you have already prepared your profile to be “read” by Google, do the same now to make it readable by people.
  5. Are your contacts validating correct skills?: Validation and Skills section will help you with your profile´s positioning. You can include up to 50. Choose them wisely and arrange them by dragging and dropping one over the other.
  6. Let others say how good you are, but with Keywords: LinkedIn recommendations are extremely important, but if you guide your fellow worker, customer or boss with the keywords you prefer them to use, you’ll be promoting your profile to achieve better positioning.
  7. The face is the mirror of the (working) soul: set yourself mentally in this scenario, your photograph is your YOU and the visitor is a Headhunter shaking your hand. Now add the image you want to welcome people with.

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