Our smartphone frequently becomes a black hole that sucks up all our time during the day. Facebook updates, Instagram favorites, that feared WhatsApp group of high school friends feeding us with a never-ending supply of cheesy memes… There are countless apps that undermine our productivity. However, every technology has its bright side and, with a little research, we can find dozens of apps that will allow us to make the most of our time. From task organizers to efficient tools in the cloud. The truth is that, even in work environments, smartphones are starting to overtake computers as work tools.

If you are keen on making the most of the odd tube trip or that wait in a cafeteria for a business meeting with a client, here you have a bunch of apps that will allow you to improve the execution of your tasks and breeze through your day more quickly and efficiently.


Slack (iOS + Android)

With all those devices, people and schedules around, sometimes it can be quite difficult to streamline your conversations. Slack creates an environment that virtualizes meetings and decision-making processes. You will be able to monitor the work of each member in the team and the current stage of a project.

Join.me (iOS + Android)

What would these new work environments have in common? Sharing, sharing and sharing. With Join.me you’ll be able to share conversations, video conferences and even your screen display. Besides being compatible with mobile devices, it provides a web version that doesn’t need to be installed.

Doodle (iOs + Android)

If you’ve gone through the arduous process of organizing your holidays with some friends you’ll already know how difficult schedule synching can get. In a professional environment the complexity just goes through the roof, but Doodle allows you to manage those fleeting windows of opportunity where all members of a team are available for a meeting. Each person must specify their availability and the app will find the most convenient time for everyone.

Google Drive (iOS + Android)

It’s an all-time classic, but it’s still one of the most powerful and flexible tools available: data sheets, text documents, calendar, shared files… 15GB in its free version ready to be filled with tons of projects.

Evernote (iOS + Android)

Together with Google Drive, this is one of the sacred cows of this list. A platform to store notes (voice notes, handwritten texts, pictures or as a scrapbook), things-to-do lists and so forth. Its greatest advantage is its ability to sync across several devices.

Pen and Paper (iOS + Android)

Technology may advance by leaps and bounds, but the old and faithful paper post-It remains. At the end of the day, handwritten notes will always provide some warmth and immediacy. By using Pen and Paper you will be able to replicate that sensation by scribbling PDFs and shared documents through Dropbox, using your finger or a stylus.

Buffer (iOS + Android)

Keeping all your social networks updated can be an exhausting affair. If you want to schedule and unify your updates on networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can use this app as your general operations center. It also provides a website version.

Be Focused Pro (iOS)

We are definitely living in the age of the attention-deficit disorder. This app provides a remedy through a set of features that will enable you to slice each task into several portions that can be completed sequentially without losing your motivation.

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Source: Tech Radar, Xataka

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