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“Find some of the issues that we all need to reflect on to drive the transformation that today’s society needs. People is a proposal to change things. People are people for a better planet.”

  • The new way to organize work teams
    In this era of changes within companies, mainly technology-driven, teamworking has also undergone transformations. But before diving into the new way to organize work teams, it’s advisable to recap the...
  • Knowmad, the professional profile most demanded by companies
    According to the latest Infoempleo Adecco Report, recently published, almost 14% of last year’s job openings sought to fill positions that were non-existent 15 years ago, and were primarily oriented...
  • How does decision making work?
    Our brain is a complex machine that is constantly making decisions. Get to learn its secrets and some advices to choose wisely....
  • The way to implement Employee Centricity
    One of the paradigms with greater implementation during recent years within the most innovative companies is the so-called Employee Centricity. This is the name for the strategy based on placing...
  • Agile methodology in HR
    One of the trends that has been consolidating during recent years is the implementation of the so-called Agile methodology, an organizational system which had little or nothing to do with...
  • Methods for developing human talent competences
    In a highly competitive labour market, talent and its management becomes an issue of great relevance for any organization. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain work teams motivated, committed and...
  • What is team-centric methodology about?
    What is team-centric methodology about? One of the main changes happening within companies in recent years is related to employee assessment, according to a study conducted by Deloitte. While until...
  • Assessment center techniques to activate selection processes
    Assessment center techniques to activate selection processes For the last few years, an increasing number of companies are choosing assessment center techniques to make sure the candidate they’re going to...
  • How to improve internal communication
    Keys to improve internal communication in the company Internal communication shouldn’t be understood as a simple goal within the company, reducing it to a mere exchange of information, either among...
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