1. Be prepared
In an interview, the interviewer needs to notice a genuine interest on your part. If you want to demonstrate that interest, there is nothing better than devoting enough time to prepare the interview. This fact is the difference between good and not so good applicants.

2. Don’t forget paper copy of your CV (without crumpling)
It can be used as the guide for your explanation. If the interviewer has not printed the CV, you can always offer it to him/her.

3. Rehearse some answers, but do not memorize.
During your interview preparation you must keep in mind your main ideas you would like to transmit, but you have to avoid learning them by heart, because your performance could be unnatural.

4. They have all the information about you, do the same.
You must research some information about the Company. A good analysis of organizational culture, the position you are applying to and your career plan is important both for asking questions that are truly relevant for you and for making a good impression.

5. Arrive ten minutes before, not an hour earlier.
If you arrive too early, wait outside the bulding. In this way, you can avoid pressuring the interviewer.

6. Speak positively and as a self-confident person.
Your attitude in a job interview should be attractive to your listener. You must speak in a good mood, with positive sentences. This is how your body language will be perfect.

7. The interviewer could offer you the job.
Be nice with him/her, even if some the questions make you feel uncomfortable. He/ She is the person who decides among a list of applicants.

8. Take time to prepare your answer.
Do not be afraid of remaining silent for a few minutes to think about your answer. In an informal conversation, you take time to think, so it is not unreasonable in an interview either.

9. Breathe, breathe, breathe
Breathing is the only way to control those signs of nerves like turning red, sweaty hands, shaky voice… When we are in a tense situation, we hold our breath as frightened person does and it causes those signs.

10. Accept you can make mistakes
Perfect job interviews do not exist. You can make mistakes, so in that moment you must go on and keep your self-confidence.

Ana Castán
HR Analytics Departament
Acciona Human Resources