When speaking about professions of the future it’s impossible not to think of those sectors currently creating most jobs, and we can’t help but wonder whether they will be still around in a decade. According to the consultancy firm ManPower Group, in the next few years a new incarnation of the labour market will become a reality, gradually replacing the current one.

As a matter of fact, it should be taken into consideration that 75% of the jobs of the future are still unheard of, so three out of four university degrees could become obsolete in just a few years. A differentiated, quality education will be, therefore, the key to professional success in the future.


Great adaptation capability

Nevertheless, the most demanded professional profiles in the future labour market worldwide will be diverse and varied, and they’ll be mostly technical and technology-oriented. Education around fields and disciplines related to these areas will allow professionals to have a larger scope regarding job opportunities, since they’ll be the ones managing the shift towards automation and robotization our current and future way of life is heading to.

According to data collected by the European Union, 900 000 new technology-oriented jobs will be created up until the year 2020, all of them closely related to STEM profiles (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). In addition to that, and according to a recent study by the World Bank, the so-called long-term jobs will become a thing of the past during the next decades, turning into a temporary commitment to specific projects; mobility, flexibility and interdisciplinarity will be indispensable requirements for the professional success of every entrepreneur.

Those individuals with the ability to merge disciplines and capable of teamworking with professionals from other fields, that is, those who have great adaptation capability when facing ever-changing contexts, are the ones most likely to succeed. Alongside this, being highly-proficient in languages, having personal management, communicational and creative skills, as well as autonomy and decision-making, negotiation, and customer orientation development, will be imperative qualities to apply for a good position.


The “unicorns” of employability

Big Data analysis specialists, an asset on the rise for any kind of company willing to optimize its resources, are considered as the “unicorns” of employability, since they’re hard to find in spite of the high demand. They extract, analyze and manage, in a completely transversal fashion, databases which are of great utility to diverse strategic areas of the organization, and will become pivotal members of the team for any big company or start up.

Within the ICT and telecommunications industry, the most demanded profiles will be cybersecurity and robotics experts, programmers, ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence specialists, mobile app and solutions developers, experts in system management, project managers, and Helpdesk, Video Engineering or Radio Solution Management technicians.

The marketing and sales world will become another market niche for professionals of the future. Brand Manager, Online Marketing Manager, Key Account Manager, Analyst, Sales Specialist, Market, SEO and SEM Strategist, Social Media Broker or Consumer Manager are, and will remain, highly-demanded job positions.

Additionally, industry automation and new-technology implementation will require professionals specialized in electronics, mechanics and mechatronics, as well as project engineers specialized in quality processes, and management profiles capable of optimizing freight transportation, logistics flow and transportation routes.

Finally, other sectors that will gather great labour demand will be tourism and hospitality (travel agents, tourism promoters, customer service personnel, hoteliers, cooks, waiting staff or salespeople), health and wellness (nanomedicine, biotechnology, nutrition, sport, psychological assistance, palliative care, nursing or pharmaceutical management) or agri-food industry. The banking and financial industry (financial cyber advisor, business and planning analyst and consolidation manager) and the legal sector (cyber or math lawyers) will also be hiring.

But for all this to be possible, education must be adapted to the new needs of companies and society, that is, professionals of the future must be trained according to the challenges and opportunities detected around them. The transformation is in motion… it is already a reality.


Sources: ManPower Group, European Union, World Bank

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