In the last few years, all prospects around the evolution of the labour market have improved considerably on a global scale. That, along with the increasingly profound digital transformation the world is undergoing regarding connectivity, is leading us to the preamble of the fourth industrial revolution —and this is something that has a direct impact on the type of labour in demand nowadays.

This digitalization of our society will create new types of jobs but, at the same time, will cause the extinction of many others that will become pointless. Nevertheless, there are sectors of the economic activity which are currently all the rage that must be considered when it comes to planning job search ahead.

All this is now possible thanks to the ongoing recovery of productivity, which is triggering a higher demand for professionals in diverse sectors of the economic activity, now looking for profiles with new skills capable of specializing around them gradually. This is true even for less-qualified occupations.

High demand for STEM related positions

The bulk of remunerated activities lies, without a doubt, in the hands of professionals whose academic training is closely related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The so-called STEM profiles comprise one of the sectors that will boost labour demand the most shortly. Companies are requiring these kind of profiles increasingly and urgently, but their biggest handicap is finding highly-specialized talent in these areas. This is also the case in fields such as banking and business consulting.

Something similar happens to ICT and Telecommunications, which gather the majority of new professional profiles, that is, jobs that were non-existent just a few years back. It’s an ever-expanding sector, always offering new job opportunities, and with great demand for technology-related positions in companies and start-ups willing to meet the needs of those rising businesses related to use of databases, telecommunications and Big Data.

Along with these, the rise of the industrial sector, especially in fields such as automotive, agri-food, pharmaceutical and capital equipment industries, is also remarkable. All these areas are basic foundations for world economy.

Also, a great deal of new recruitment will be generated by the service sector, since it’s comprised of industries such as tourism, hospitality, healthcare and wellness, trade and consumer-oriented, insurance, banking, or financial.


E-commerce as a booster of logistics

Logistics is yet another of the sectors in which more occupations are being created all over the majority of developed economies in the world. The undeniable rise of online shopping has led to its resurgence. Technology is triggering a change in trend regarding the acquisition of products by consumers, as well as an increase in the generation of job opportunities in the sector.

Within the framework of world economy, the energy sector has also become one of the foundations of job recovery after the crisis, providing great support as a dynamizing factor. The new environmental commitment culture, aimed at a low-carbon economy, has boosted investment on research and development of projects focused on renewable–source energies once again and, accordingly, the search for professionals with great command of the matter and a remarkable international expertise.

Finally, the construction industry is also on the rise and will generate great chances for employability along with the real state sector, which is also increasing its recruitment figures, thus helping unemployment rates go down considerably.

Undoubtedly, big change is around the corner, and being able to adapt to the requirements of thriving sectors is always a trump card. This transformation appears to be continuous, and things such as “life-long jobs” will become nothing but a distant memory.


Sources: ManpowerGroup, OCDE, Hays

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