There are many things that, as professionals, we’ve had to learn during this 2021. A year of new normalities during which we’ve talked about conciliation, balance between professional and personal life and, in short, about how to evolve in all aspects of our lives. Do you want to know the list of the most popular?


Lesson 1: Listen to your biological clock

Are you an early riser or a late-night person? Are you more productive in the morning or in the evening? Getting up at 6am is not for everyone. That’s one of the lessons we’ve learned this year. Take advantage of the times when you’re more focused and energized to perform better, and you’ll work to your advantage.


Lesson 2: If you don’t feel well, you won’t work well either

It has taken a pandemic to make us understand the capital importance of the issue that is the backbone of this article. Yes, the new normality also has something positive and has led to an exponential increase in self-responsibility and the possibility of teleworking. The tenths of fever, in times of Covid-19, are already looked at with different eyes. And they’re seen more as a potential threat than a mere minor nuisance, which has highlighted the risks that sometimes come with an overzealous commitment to work.


Lesson 3: Value integrity, tenacity, charisma and other ‘soft skills’

There is much to learn from Nelson Mandela‘s legacy. And this year we wanted to remember his inspirational figure in this article. And both the business world and us as professionals still have a lot to learn from Mandela. How about reading it again? Maybe you’ll find among his words new resolutions to set for the year that is about to begin.


Lesson 4: Work is a Good Place to Be More Generous

There’s still a common misconception that in order to be successful and move up the corporate hierarchy, it’s not very advisable to be a good person —or at least not a very good one. But in this article, we tell you how Adam Grant, a professor at Wharton University, opposes this argument and examines what happens to “good people” in organizations.


Lesson 5: How to deal with work-life balance in job interviews

One of the big hits of this 2021 has been the conciliation between professional and personal life. An issue that we must also deal with in job interviews. In this article we give you the necessary tips to address the topic successfully.


Lesson 6: The Past is a Great Source of Learning

Undoubtedly, the future of the work paradigm changed drastically from 2020 onwards. And it is important to remember how confinement was the fuse that opened the debates we now have on the table: telecommuting, hybrid models of work flexibility, ‘hot desking’, etc. New ways of working that evolved as we watched life go by from our balconies. How retrospective through these images?


Lesson 7: Gender inequality needs to be tackled in old age as well

Another issue that we have reflected on during 2021 has been how the wage inequality between men and women has an impact on pensions. This is a serious issue that is already affecting our older generations and is key to guaranteeing their quality of life.


Lesson 8: Technology can help us find the best talent

Our jobs are increasingly connected to technology. The same goes for Human Resources. Thanks to Big Data, companies can implement increasingly analytical and strategic selection processes to find the most suitable candidates —regarding both their professional and personal profile. In this article we take a closer look at how to achieve this.


Lesson 9: Know your professional profile better to make the most of your abilities

The personality enneagram helps you to know what professional profile you are within a team and what professional skills you can contribute with. Do you remember what profile you were in? Maybe it’s a good time to rediscover it.


Lesson 10: Being organised is your best superpower

You may or may not be a fan of superheroes. But, without a doubt, whoever fulfills all their professional and personal obligations must have some special skill. Another great lesson we learned during these months has been how to be a better professional and how to balance family and work.

We hope that this review of the most important lessons drawn from the articles of 2021 will be useful to face the new year with the desire to continue growing and evolving professionally and personally. For a 2022 that drives the transformation that society needs.